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  • JUNE 24, 2021


Cama’i. On behalf of the tribes of Native Village of Afognak and Native Village of Port Lions, we would like to introduce you to the many youth programs your donation will support. Afognak is actively meeting its cultural and community responsibilities by providing benefits to its youth and strengthening Ag’wanermiut “our community” through these innovative youth development programs:

  • Dig Afognak Camp – An Alutiiq culture camp for youth since 1998
  • After-school activities & Alutiiq Culture Week – Workshops led independently by both Tribes
  • Alutiiq Language Lessons – School outreach and language revitalization materials
  • Preschool Activities – Culturally-based Kinder-prep workshops to improve school readiness

Afognak Alutiiq youth activities offer invaluable opportunities to learn the endangered Alutiiq language and practice land stewardship, traditional harvest, survival skills and healthy relationships. Tribal-led cultural education activities seek to build a sense of pride, identity, and wellbeing in Alutiiq youth. The Alutiiq people’s history and ongoing economic and social impacts is why reconnecting these youth to their Afognak Island homeland to practice healthy traditional activities is so valuable, for both those who live on Kodiak Island and those who return in the summer. Thank you for your generosity to help sustain cultural education opportunities for Afognak Alutiiq youth.

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For additional information regarding the tribes, please visit their websites:

Native Village of Port Lions: www.portlionstribe.net

Native Village of Afognak: www.afognak.org

Learn the Sugpiaq/Alutiiq Language: www.alutiiqlanguage.org